Purpose of the system

Контроль заполняемости отеля

Hotel occupancy control

The application will help you to know the number of available rooms in real time and understand the occupancy rate of the hotel.

Контроль доступа в номера


Any opening of the room door, without announcing the event in the application, is sent to the list of violations. The owner or manager will instantly receive a notification and be able to respond to it.

Финансовый контроль


The application is integrated with 1C "Accounting", you can generate cash flow reports at any time, the system takes into account all types of payments

Отчет в реальном времени

Generate a report
in real time

A convenient system of reports and data analysis in the application will allow you to generate reports by day, hour, month from anywhere in the world.

How to install

System installation consists of the following steps

1. Installation of sensors.

Our team of specialists has experience in the aesthetic implementation of technologies without damaging the interior. Installation does not require a hotel stop, we work both in the evening and at night, if required for installation.

2. Setting up system diagnostics.

This means that every 15 minutes the system automatically diagnoses the sensor for operability if some sensor is not responding, we can see it and replace it. Also, in case of an act of vandalism, the system will notify that the sensor is disabled and this number requires physical verification.

3. Installing the application on phones.

The application is installed on the phone of hotel employees, namely administrators and maids. We provide training in the use of the program, the application interface is clear to use and does not require special knowledge

4. Application setup for the Owner.

We provide detailed instructions on how to use the application, at this stage additional integrations with 1C are possible.

5. Technical support setup

The final stage, setting up technical support scenarios. Checking the performance of the system mini-testing of employees for knowledge of the application.


Explore App Modes

Administrator phone mode

Please select an action Rent a number

Choose an action to work with the application

Owner phone mode

After completion of any of the actions, the owner will receive a report

All functions of the application are described in detail in the presentation.

Download presentation

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We are a young dynamically developing company founded in 2018, in a short time we have established ourselves as a reliable partner. Our application is designed and intended for hotel business owners. To date, we have entered into contracts with more than 10 hotels. After installing our application, you will be able to manage the hotel with 100% efficiency and eliminate the constant presence in the hotel.

We are open to cooperation and appreciate your recommendations!