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Dental Center "Zhaina Dent" is the best dentists in Nur-Sultan (Astana). The service system provides for a loyal discount program with guarantees for all types of dental services. These are not advantages in relation to other dentistry in Nur-Sultan, these are basic qualities and offers without which any dental clinic cannot exist

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Why choose us?

This is Dr. Zhalelov Maksat

We appreciate the trust placed in us, which places a special responsibility on our doctors for your health and the beauty of your smile. Jaina Dent Dentistry is a premium family center with a full range of services. A team of experienced doctors solves problems of any complexity, masterfully combining the traditions of the old school and innovative methods of treatment.

    Best Doctors
    All our doctors are qualified - Doctor of the highest category!

Our advantages

International Doctors

Zhaina Dent's policy is to encourage dentists and assistants to continuously improve their knowledge and skills, and improve their qualifications to maintain the international standard.

Оснащение клиник
Clinic equipment

We are constantly updating and improving material and technical base that allows you to confirm the status of one of the best dental clinics in Nur-Sultan and throughout Kazakhstan. The equipment of our clinics is identical to the equipment in European and American clinics.

Международные стандарты
International Standards

Our team is based on ensuring a high level of quality services in accordance with international standards. We received the "Best Clinic of Astana 2017" award from FDI, EKAS, KSA, which are world dental federations representing dentists.

Персональный подход
Personal approach

The Zhaina Dent team finds an individual approach to each client and develops a unique treatment plan for each patient, which increases the effectiveness of treatment and guarantees the desired result.

Работа с производителями
Working with manufacturers

We cooperate directly with foreign manufacturers and suppliers. Accordingly, we use only the most expensive imported and original materials.


The Doctor Dent team will find an approach to everyone who applies. Even the smallest patients are positively disposed to treatment and after 17 years, we are still serving our first patients.

Our Doctors

Dentist orthodontist

Dentist orthodontist - Doctor of the highest category

Dentist therapist

Doctor of the highest category, the best pediatric dentist in 2021, an individual approach to each child


Doctor of the highest category


Doctor of the highest category

The cost of our services
Consultation and diagnostics
Examination and consultation of the primary patient
For free
Diagnostic x-ray of one tooth
1 000 т
Panoramic shot
3 000 т
CT scan 3D
12 000 т
Therapeutic dentistry
Temporary filling
5 000 т
Caries treatment
from 16 000 т
Pulpitis treatment
from 20 000 т
Treatment of periodontitis
from 35 000 т
Braces installation and treatment
from 150 000 т
Teeth whitening
Zoom3!™ whitening (smile line - 24 teeth)
100 000 т
Fluorosis treatment
60 000 т
Implants and Surgery
Tooth implantation
from 250 000 т
Complex tooth extraction (impacted tooth, "wisdom tooth")
25 000 т
Dental prosthetics
Metal-ceramic crown
40 000 т
Metal-free crown
90 000 т
Clasp prosthesis with locks
100 000 т
Veneer installation (1 tooth)
from 100 000 т